Valley Freedom Festival
Valley Freedom Festival
  • Valley Freedom Festival

    A Family Friendly, Down-Home Style, Freedom Lovers, 
    July 4th Celebration! 
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Celebrate Independence Day in Style! 

Food Trucks

Yummy Eats! 


Think, shop, buy local!

The Idea

 When Mayor Bert Cottle (Wasilla) cancelled the traditional July 4th celebration due to fears surrounding Covid-19, Valley residents rose up and demanded something be done.  The Valley is an independent place, made up of people who are smart, caring, resilient, and FREE.  The Valley Freedom Festival is a testament to the people of the Valley and our demand to Let Freedom Ring.  Palmer welcomed our festivities with open arms and we are thrilled to provide an event full of family, fun and freedom!  Like always, you choose whether you want to attend - if you'd feel better staying away from crowds, we trust that you will.  If you want to join in the fun but feel better wearing a face covering, we trust that you will.  There are no mandates, no restrictions, no dictates of how you may come.  Regardless of how you choose to celebrate, we hope that we are at least a small part of making this Independence Day one to remember! 

-The Valley Freedom Festival Committee 

(Haylee, Breezy, Jason, Tammy, Robin, Maddie, Josh, and Sabrina)

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